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Under certain circumstances, an individual with specialized gas appliance or equipment training can apply for a Special Purpose Certificate of Qualification (SPCQ). A SPCQ entitles the holder to perform only the gas regulated work specified by the certificate and only under the conditions specifically endorsed on the certificate.

In particular, the gas SPCQ entitles the holder to perform a limited scope of regulated gas work, for example: assembly or construction of specific appliances, or fuel dispensing (transfer of product from one container to another). A SPCQ is only available to individuals when there is no other means available for an individual to perform gas regulated work as required.

Holders of a SPCQ must be employed by a licensed gas contractor, can be a licensed gas contractor themselves or under the permission of an appropriate operating permit to perform regulated work.

To Apply for a Gas SPCQ

  1. Complete the following application form online. Select “certificate without exam” on the application form.
  2. Attach to your application:
    - A letter of employment from the applicant’s current employer.
    - A record of training for the SPCQ from a training program recognized by Technical Safety BC.
  3. Make payment when you receive a call from a client service representative. Check applicable fees here.

Please note that the training program recognition submission from your training provider should include:

- A detailed explanation as to why the SPCQ is required and why other means of complying with the Gas Safety Regulation section 4 are not appropriate (e.g., why supervision by a Class A or B Gasfitter cannot be provided).
- The proposed duration of the SPCQ (i.e. for how long the SPCQ will be required and why) to a maximum of 3 years.

Certificate Renewal

Gas SPCQ are issued to a maximum of 3 years. To renew your SPCQ, you should submit an updated letter of employment and a record of upgrade training from a training program recognized by Technical Safety BC. View the Directive: Special purpose certificate of qualification for more information on gas SPCQ renewal.