Become a Training Provider

Gas Certification

Become a recognized training provider

All Gas certificate applicants must complete training through a recognized training program.

If you would like to offer recognized training to your clients, you must get your program or course approved by Technical Safety BC.

View the complete training program recognition guidelines for Gas certification. In this document you’ll find everything you need to know about getting your training recognized, including specific details for each course.

    Step 1: Review Directive D-GA-2018-02 and the training recognition guide to ensure your curriculum aligns with our training requirements.

    Step 2: Complete this application form to submit your general information.

    Step 3: Within 5 business days, your application will be assessed and you will receive an email with a secure link. Use this link to upload the following documents:

    • List of instructors, including their names, years of trade experience, and years of teaching experience
    • Qualifications of instructors, including copies of trade qualifications and teaching qualifications
    • Course outline and lesson plan
    • Course delivery method
    • Course material, which may include presentations and handouts
    • Sample record of course completion, which should include:
      • Training provider name
      • Training provider address and phone number
      • Instructor(s) name
      • Individual’s name
      • Course title
      • Date of completion
      • Length of program or number of course hours

    Step 4: We will evaluate your application and the attached documents to ensure all training requirements are met. Our intent is to support you through this process and provide you with the opportunity to make changes to the curriculum based on our findings. We estimate the process takes a minimum of 10 business days.

    Step 5: Once your curriculum is approved, you will receive a recognition letter, and the name of your organization or institution will be added to our list of recognized training providers.

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