Design registration for equipment and systems

Designs of equipment that is manufactured or installed in BC have to follow provincial safety standards and approved industry codes. Completing design registration with Technical Safety BC ensures that a professional engineer has evaluated and assessed the safety standards followed.

A design review includes an assessment of the drawings, specifications, calculations, and instructions necessary to construct, install, and maintain equipment.

Technical Safety BC provides design registration for the following equipment and systems.

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Boilers and pressure vessels

Boilers including reciprocals
Used/re-rated boilers
Boilers without ASME certification
Pressure vessels including reciprocals
Buried pressure vessels
Pressure vessels without ASME certification
Pressure piping systems
Boiler and pressure vessel fittings
Heat exchanger

Gas equipment

Commercial / industrial equipment

New gas appliance or equipment where a standard does not exist

Gas system

New gas systems without an existing standard

Propane fuel backup system
Digester and landfill system
Fuelling stations
Bulk storage facility
Theatrical / movie effects

Note: Generally, gas systems that are not listed above do not require a design registration unless required by the safety manager. 

Elevating devices

New installations, alterations to existing elevating devices, and cab modernization

Amusement devices

New amusement device and alterations
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