Elevator and Escalator Safety

Most incidents on elevators and escalators that are reported to Technical Safety BC are preventable and can be attributed to user behavior. Some of the most common issues on elevators or escalators are falls caused by inattention or loss of balance, or injuries caused by clothing, footwear or shopping bags getting caught. Improper use of mobility devices or strollers on these devices also poses a risk of injury.

Elevator Safety Tips:

  • Elevator floors are not always level. Pay attention and watch your step as you get on or off. Trips are common and preventable.
  • If doors are closing, never try to use a body part to keep them open longer.
  • If the doors don’t open, ring the alarm button and wait for help.
  • Pay attention to the maximum number of passengers and weight restrictions posted in the elevator car.
  • In the event of a fire, never use an elevator – take the stairs.

Escalator / Moving Walk Safety Tips:

  • Never allow children to play on or around an escalator or moving walk.
  • Hold children or small packages firmly with one hand and hold the railing with the other hand.
  • Make sure shoes are tied and be aware that some types of soft-soled shoes can get caught in escalator stairs.
  • Stand on the centre of the step, keeping feet clear of the sides.
  • Step on and off carefully, keeping your eyes forward and using the hand rails if you feel unsteady.
  • Never transport walkers, wheeled vehicles or strollers; take an elevator instead.
  • Be careful when carrying packages and keep them well away from the rails.
  • Do not touch the sides below the handrail.
  • Keep loose clothing like long dresses, coats, scarves, etc. away from the stairs and sides.
  • Stand facing forward.
  • Teach youngsters that escalators are not toys and how to use them safely.

Safety Resources

If you spot an unsafe condition (hazard) on an elevating device or experience a safety incident, you can confidentially report it to Technical Safety BC.

Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation - The leading resource for educational programs that teach children and adults how to properly ride elevators, escalators and moving walkways safely. https://www.eesf.org/