Emergency Evacuations

Technical Safety BC reminds homeowners and businesses to take precautions with gas and electrical appliances if fire, evacuation or loss of power due to natural disasters is expected. Please review these tips and keep your family safe through any fire or flood emergency.

Received an Evacuation Order?

Follow the instructions of authorities. Do not remain in your home of business.

Emergency Disaster with No Advance Warning

If safe to do so:

  • Shut off main gas and electrical supply, including back-up supplies.
  • Turn off the gas at the appliance shut-off valve and ensure power supply switches are off.
  • Ensure all valves and power knobs on appliances are turned off.

Expected Disaster with Time Allowance

Do the above and:

  • Unplug all non-essential electrical appliances.
  • Remove portable propane cylinders (in a fire) or secure propane cylinders and tanks to a stable structure (in a flood). Ask your propane supplier for instructions.
  • Have a licensed gas contractor remove gas equipment and cap gas pipes leading to appliances when practical.
  • Have a licensed contractor isolate electrical circuits.

Returning to an Area Damaged by Flood or Fire?

  • Take extreme caution when returning to your home or business. Ensure it's been declared safe to enter by proper authorities. If electrical, gas or heating equipment was subjected to damage or improper reconnection, it may be unsafe.
  • Do not plug in or turn on any appliance or equipment that may be damaged or was subject to water damage. Call a licensed gas or electrical contractor to inspect it first.
  • Contact a licensed gas and electrical contractor to reconnect any gas system or power. The electrical utility may reconnect for free when contacted by a licensed contractor.
  • For more information about gas and electrical safety protocols in the event of a natural disaster, see this directive.

Smell Natural Gas or Propane?

  • Leave the area immediately. Call your gas utility, propane supplier or 911. Natural and propane gas smell like rotten eggs.

  • Shut off the main power and gas supply. Be careful not to step on a wet area when touching the electrical panel.

More Information on Emergency Procedures:


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