Annual Report 2015 - Report On Performance: Safety

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Phil Gothe, Vice President, Technical Programs

Phil Gothe
Vice President, Technical Programs

How did your team impact safety in BC last year?

Managing risks is an effort where all participants in the safety system must exercise accountability and leadership. In 2015, we enhanced BCSA’s ability to share information regarding the nature and degree of hazards present on job sites and in equipment operating environments. We also initiated a client fact sheet pilot with select asset owners and contractors performing regulated work, introducing a set of client safety history metrics. These metrics support clients and BCSA to oversee and better predict risks while identifying opportunities for improvement and collaboration.

How are you managing efficiencies within a large region such as BC?

We continue to apply a risk-based approach to safety oversight based on the information collected from our network of asset owners, clients, and industry stakeholders. Our Resource Allocation Program applies risk-informed criteria and data to assess installations and operating equipment, identifying system-generated inspection priorities. Observations collected during safety officer inspections and investigations are in turn fed back into our data system to create a learning cycle. These activities contribute to our knowledge base, which informs effective and efficient safety oversight decisions.

How did you share safety knowledge?

In 2015, we actively built connections with our internal teams as well as clients. Internally, we created new hazard maps to assist our safety officers, and we created a mobile application to make information more easily accessible and to facilitate data collection. Clients often expressed their interest in learning more about different aspects of the safety system, and in response we expanded client education programs to share safety knowledge acquired from incident investigations, “as-found” hazard observations, and regulatory changes. We also increased the number of newsletters distributed to clients and provided more safety insights through articles about real case studies of observed safety hazards. We look forward to continuing to further our stakeholder outreach and regulatory analysis to pursue necessary regulatory updates and amendments.