On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m pleased to confirm that Technical Safety BC continued building participation and confidence in safe technical systems across BC throughout 2018.

In addition to improving virtually all aspects of its operation, the organization delivered innovations in risk management, machine learning, and data sharing. I congratulate the Province of BC for making the highly-anticipated changes to the Safety Standards Act in fall 2018, which will positively impact the safety system in years to come.

This year, Technical Safety BC signed new Memoranda of Understanding with the BC Utilities Commission and several cities in Metro Vancouver, which will enable Technical Safety BC to share knowledge and insights, and build strong connections across the safety system in service to clients and the public.

The organization’s performance in 2018 reflects a year where significant investments were made to reinforce its exceptional culture. In 2018, Technical Safety BC improved client-facing services, enhanced responsiveness to high risk events, and increased the number of technical safety system insights shared. Together, all of which had the end result of improving connection and engagement with the safety system.

I would like to welcome our two newest board members Nancy Olewiler and David Guscott, and extend my gratitude to retiring directors Hugh Gordon and Alison Narod for their exemplary service to public safety in British Columbia.

Finally, I remain extremely proud of the organizational response to the tragic Fernie Memorial Arena incident and the wide sharing of the resulting investigation report and recommendations, which catalyzed needed investments into recreational facilities and saw worldwide media coverage, with 67 countries reporting on the incident. By sharing this information, we are encouraging the community of ice rink owners, operators, and refrigeration contractors to gain a better understanding of the hazards and to deliver robust maintenance programs and exceptional aging equipment management. Safety is a shared responsibility. Together, we can prevent a similar tragedy from ever happening again.


George Abbott
Chair of the Board



George Abbott