Everything we do has, at its core, the safety of the public in mind.

It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that putting people at the center of our decision making means that our clients’ needs and our employees’ talents are a focus of our annual business plans.

Throughout 2018 we worked to make sure our clients could connect with us in newer and easier ways, whether that was making improvements to our online mobile applications, or improving connections between clients and our valued safety officers. We also created new education materials, with an emphasis on emerging and known hazards, including ammonia refrigeration, escalator brake maintenance, and large electrical services.

Technical Safety BC continues to believe that education is the best path towards improved safety. And while compliance and enforcement activities significantly increased in 2018, we know that the contractor community is both responsive and deeply concerned about doing good work, and doing it safely.

With data being acknowledged as the currency of the future, the insights we gain from analytics are being passed along to safety system participants. In 2018 this meant we found the highest number of hazards in the province’s history, resulting in the greatest increase in safety actions taken to resolve those hazards. Our data sharing agreements and new techniques in machine learning are investments that are making the public safer.

Finally, it has never been more important to remind owners and operators of their responsibility to maintain their equipment, and to continue to invest in a modern systems-based approach to their infrastructure. As safety is a shared responsibility we will continue to emphasize that regulated equipment doesn’t simply stop working if it’s not maintained – it can fail, and fail catastrophically – as our incident investigation into the Fernie Memorial Arena tragedy showed.

As we reflect on the milestones set out in our original 10-Year Strategy, much has been accomplished. We feel confident in establishing a new 10-year outlook where we commit to being an organization that is a model of the integration of technology and humanity. We will continue to put people at the centre of everything we do, to deliver Safe technical systems. Everywhere.


Catherine Roome
President & Chief Executive Officer



Catherine Roome