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Who We Are

Technical Safety BC is an independent, self-funded organization that oversees the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment across the province. In addition to issuing permits, licences and certificates, we work with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement, and research.

Safe Technical Systems. Everywhere.

We See Genius in Diversity

When we each bring our unique perspective to the table, in the spirit of collaboration and respect, ideas improve and our impact on the safety system becomes greater.

We Foster Confidence

We communicate directly, listen actively, explain our decisions, and share what we know to build confidence in each other, our organization, and the safety system.

We Make the Complex Simple

Through simplification of our initiatives, we promote understanding and engagement, making safety accessible to everyone.

We Adapt

As society changes, we create and adopt new ideas, skills, and tools that will enable us to meet the safety challenges of a highly connected world.

We take a comprehensive, knowledge-based approach to safety oversight that is comprised of four elements: assessment, research, education and outreach, and enforcement. These four elements form the pillars of our Accident Prevention Model.

The Accident Prevention Model is our multi-faceted approach to protecting the public. We support technical safety by assessing high-risk work, systems and equipment within our jurisdiction and by enforcing changes, if we see a problem. Research helps us gather and share important information so we can better assess safety risks, while education programs motivate everyone to do their part towards advancing Safe Technical Systems. Everywhere.

Assessments, including physical inspections, of regulated equipment are conducted to confirm that owners are taking measures to ensure compliance with Regulations and the Safety Standards Act.

  • Assessing technical work and equipment, including collecting information through physical assessment, incident investigation, and registering new equipment and designs.
  • Certifying individuals and licensing contractors and operators to perform regulated work.
  • Supporting clients in the development of alternative safety approaches, and auditing their safety management plans or equivalent standard approaches.
  • Educating and sharing technical systems safety information with our clients and the broader public to better control risks
  • Taking enforcement actions that promote an equitable safety system where all participants are compliant with regulations.
  • Conducting research, including contributing to provincial and national safety code development and updating regulations for the technologies we serve.

Safety Pyramid

The safety pyramid is a framework for understanding and managing technical safety risks. Our success in creating a safer British Columbia hinges on creating value in every level of the pyramid.

The Safety Pyramid Framework

We invest in an inclusive, collaborative, and courageous culture that develops innovative approaches to capably adapt to safety issues and opportunities.

We create and share information and knowledge with each other, clients, stakeholders, and the public to cultivate safety literacy and collaborate on new opportunities.

We work across the safety system to understand needs and motivations and reduce barriers to improve safety-minded decision-making and inspire action.

We engage with clients, stakeholders, and the public to identify their needs and deliver services that increase their attachment to, and participation in, the safety system.

We develop value-driven solutions that result in the long-term sustainability of the safety system, the environment, and our organization.

We build a safer BC by identifying and addressing hazards, and we provide the tools, knowledge, and impetus to reduce incidents and injuries.

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