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A licensed contractor is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Safety Standards Act, all relevant regulations, and all applicable safety orders and directives.

Contractors and companies working with regulated systems and equipment must be licensed by Technical Safety BC. Follow the steps in the technology sections below to understand how to obtain your BC contractor licence. 

Obtain a licence

Note: a BC Business Registration number will be required.

After you receive your licence

It’s important to make sure you know your roles and responsibilities under the Safety Standards Act and associated safety regulations. Once you receive your licence, take our new course to learn everything you need to know.

Licences vs. Certificates

Contractors and contracting companies require licences to install, operate, and maintain regulated equipment.

A certificate of qualification is issued to an individual who has the knowledge and ability to work on regulated equipment under the Safety Standards Act in British Columbia.

State of Safety 2019

State of Safety report released

We issued 979 licences in 2019, with Amusement Devices seeing the biggest jump of 60% licences issued. View the licensing statistics for each technology we regulate in our State of Safety report.

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