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Business Transformation

Key Initiatives: Business Transformation

Business Transformation

As we shift towards a more human-centric approach to regulating safety in British Columbia, Technical Safety BC made it a key business goal to reduce complexity in the delivery of our products and remove barriers to connection. To accomplish this, we needed to create entirely new processes and tools. In 2020, we took the first steps towards overhauling our existing technology framework. 

More efficient technology would mean more accurate data, better decision-making, faster response times, and a more streamlined safety system for all British Columbians. In short, it would become exponentially easier for everyone to participate in the system.

This multifaceted business transformation project will connect our clients to the safety system by simplifying processes and increasing consistency across the seven technologies we regulate. Additionally, it will provide us with a single source of truth so that information flows more freely between our clients, our employees and our stakeholders.

Transforming our business

The project is organized around four streams: people, product, data and systems.

From the data stream perspective, we will collect client and technology data more easily, store it securely in one central location, and use it to develop insights, identify and mitigate risks more effectively. For our clients this means improved decision-making, smarter assessments, and the ability to discover and fulfil their needs faster.

From the product perspective, we will streamline our existing product line and processes, to make it easier for us to adapt our product offering as the safety system changes. We will be able to offer our clients products that better fit their needs and schedules.

The system stream focuses on our IT systems, so that we can connect employees and clients with the tools they need to complete business transactions and information to make safe decisions.

Finally, in the area of people, the project will help us achieve safety at a greater scale, by empowering and lifting the confidence of our clients, our employees, our stakeholders and the public.

Key objectives

In 2020, we outlined the main objectives of our multi-year business transformation.

1. Implementing tools that are flexible within a changing environment

We will be implementing a new IT platform as a replacement to our legacy system, which will give us the flexibility to meet the demands of our clients and the changing environment of the safety system. 

2. Improving the safety system through process consistency and simplification

Through analysis, we discovered that our processes needed to be streamlined and simplified. This means using better, more efficient work practices in our day-to-day tasks as well as in our interactions with our clients.

3. Creating insight from quality data

As we create a single source of truth for data we will be able to utilize the same insights to make important decisions across the organization and throughout the safety system.

Moving forward

While the focus in 2020 was on analyzing our current technology and mapping out solutions, there are exciting developments on the horizon. In 2021 and into 2022, we are focusing on improving processes for clients who need to obtain certifications and undergo safety assessments.