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A certificate of qualification is issued to an individual who has the knowledge and ability to to work on regulated equipment under the Safety Standards Act in British Columbia. The Act defines the scope of regulated work within the specific certificate. Select your trade below to get information on obtaining or renewing your certification.

If you are a contractor, or a contracting company, you can obtain a licence with Technical Safety BC in order to install, operate, and maintain regulated equipment across the province.

Certification Deadlines

Pressure welders working in BC must hold a certificate of qualification by December 3, 2020.

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If you hold a power engineers; boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration operators and safety awareness certificate that does not have an expiry date, then you are not legally permitted to work. Reinstate your certification today

Obtain/renew trade certification

Follow the steps in the sections below to understand how to obtain and renew your trade certification. 

Exam Procedures

Read information on exams including required identification, time of arrival, what to bring, and prohibited items.

Exam procedures

Continuing education resources

Check out our Learning page for our Tech Talks, webinars, and videos to help you keep up-to-date on the latest safety hazards and changes in codes and regulations.

Request review or re-marking of an exam

See Technical Safety BC's post-exam information for feedback or complaints about the exam marking process or to request a safety manager's review of your exam.



New to BC?

Certification transfer from outside BC or Canada

If you are a skilled tradesperson moving from another province or another country to BC, you may be eligible for equivalent trades qualification in certain industries. 

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