Exam Candidate Rules

General Exam Information

  1. Exams will start and end on time. You are permitted the full time to write your exam.

  2. All required information must be clearly marked in the space provided on the answer sheet.

  3. Examinees must leave all bags and electronic devices (e.g., cameras, cell phones, digital watches, electronic pens, Google glasses, etc.) in the area assigned for personal belongings before taking a seat. Hats must be removed.

  4. Only non-programmable calculators provided by Technical Safety BC are permitted in the examination room.

  5. All answers must be written in ink on the answer sheet provided. If using a bubble sheet or drawing diagrams, answers must be marked in pencil. Some exams and exam modules could be offered online.

  6. Do not mark, write on, or remove pages from the provided reference material. It is an examination offence to copy, record, or remove the exam questions from the examination room.

  7. Examinees should make every effort to remain in the examination room during the examination period. Only one examinee at a time will be permitted to leave the examination room and only with the permission of the invigilator.

  8. All questions are to be directed to the invigilator. The invigilator can only answer administrative questions. All other questions or comments will be recorded by the examinee on the evaluation form.

  9. Examinees will not communicate with each other at any time during the examination. Examinees will not communicate the contents of the examination with any examinees who have not written the examination.

  10. It is an examination offence to communicate or attempt to communicate with other examinees during the examination, use notes, papers, or devices of any kind other than those permitted for the examination, and copy or attempt to copy the work of another examinee.

  11. Examinees must be signed out on completion of the examination. All materials and papers must be returned to the invigilator before leaving the examination room.

  12. Exam results will be provided in writing by mail or email within four weeks. Exam results will not be provided by phone, or over the counter.

  13. Our invigilators are trained to detect breaches of the above stated rules. If an invigilator suspects you of cheating during an examination, they will endorse your answer sheet at the point you were writing when the alleged offence was discovered and remove all unauthorized materials. The invigilator may prohibit you from continuing to write your examination.

  14. Any breaches of the rules may result in cancellation of your examination mark, restrictions on your ability to write future examinations or obtain qualifications, assessment of pre-existing qualifications, and suspension or revocation of existing qualifications.

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